Guide to B Pharm Course the Better Career Prospects

Pharmacy is all about the study of medicine, looking at how the drugs are created, the blend of chemicals, their chemistry and interactions which is required for a qualified pharmacist to know. Students who are interested in medicine but do not want to become a doctor can choose Pharmacy as an excellent alternative. A pharmacist can easily help in taking pressure off the emergency services and contribute to saving lives in different ways. Moreover, unlike a doctor, a pharmacist has the advantage of regular hours. In this way, as aspirant can contribute to helping people medically and also have a more structured lifestyle than medicine or nursing can offer. JIS University being the hub of best pharmacy colleges in Kolkata provides high-quality education to the aspirants who dream to become successful in their life.

Facility In JIS University:

JIS University hosts some of the best B. Pharm colleges in Kolkata colleges in Kolkata that provide world-class education with the help of highly qualified faculties. We inculcate the students with technical skills as well as subject-related information to ensure that they can easily find a job. We provide the students with the best infrastructure, well-equipped labs, sports ground and everything they need to step towards a beautiful career. In this modern world, we help the pharmacist to grow and find a suitable job for themselves. A well organised student mentoring system is constantly working for overall development of each student.

The department is equipped with latest analytical instruments like Heidolph rotary evaporator, Multi station dissolution apparatus, Shimadzu UV spectrophotometer, Bruker FTIR, Agilent HPLC, Eppendorf deep freezer amongst a very few. We have immense research focus on recent drug delivery system, herbal drug development, process development techniques and drug analysis using modern spectrophotometric approach.

Option for higher education:

Post-graduation increases the chance of better career options. A Bachelor’s degree can offer a career option; higher studies can open up the chance for better career options. Post-graduation studies help the students find the advanced career prospectus in managerial roles and other beneficial positions in the industry. 

Several post-graduation courses are available after completing the Bachelor’s degree, and it includes

  • PGDM in Pharmacy
  • Master of Pharmacy
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  • Drug Store Management Course 

Self-employment opportunity:

B. Pharm is one of the best courses that open the gate for self-employment. Students can start their firms after successful completion of the course. Starting a Pharmacy is the basic and simple form of self-employment, and there are chances for the individuals to become wholesale suppliers of pharmaceuticals. Even they can start their pharmaceutical manufacturing unit by making the necessary arrangements. 

B. Pharms is the basic and essential qualification one must acquire to start such businesses. Compared with the pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, the investment to start a pharmacy is less, and the role of the pharmacy in the health care industry is notable in all aspects. 

The best available career option after completing B. Pharm:

B. Pharm and all its related post-graduation studies offer the best career option for the candidates. The options are available both in Government and Private sectors; the individual can get selected in any sector based on their performance in the selection process. 

The following is the list of career options available for the specific course, and it includes

Medical Representative

  • Drug Inspector
  • Community Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Quality Control Associate
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • R&D Scientist
  • Science Writer
  • Sales and Marketing Representatives
  • Formulation Development Associates

These career options are open for B. Pharm candidates, and all these options give the individuals a wide range of benefits. 

Significance of B. Pharm:

B. Pharm is a valuable course that makes the students learn about 

  • Diverse sources of medicine
  • Formulations of the medicine
  • Doses of the medicine
  • The therapeutic effect of medicines on the human body
  • Drug synthesis
  • Formulation of dosage
  • Chemical, instrumental and pre-clinical analysis of the medicines
  • Laboratory testing of newly invented medicines
  • About drug patent
  • About marketing drugs

Hence the course remains significant for the students in finding the better career option. 

Benefits of B. Pharm:

The following are the benefits of the specific study

  • It offers an excellent quality of education
  • It increases the growth potential
  • It provides constant growth in knowledge
  • It opens up the chances for higher education
  • It offers the best career scope
  • It increases the demand for Pharmacy professionals
  • It offers career stability and 
  • It offers service to humanity

Key Features in JIS University

  • Provides high class educational experience and industrial skills
  • Perfect blending of core and elective subjects
  • Equipped with modern laboratory facilities and smart class rooms
  • Strong network with the industry, regulatory authorities, hospitals and research organizations.
  • Outstanding and energetic faculty from renowned industry, Universities and research institute.
  • Students engagement in seminar, workshop, training and competition to foster their innovative ideas in pharmaceutical sciences
  • Well organised student-mentoring-system
  • Student attendance monitoring system