JIS UNIVERSITY Journal of Management Studies


Introduction to JIS University Journal of Management Studies (JISJOMS)

The modern era of management is changing the world and advancing society faster than ever. Everywhere and at all times, management research is undertaken in many ways that are extremely successful. All management researchers and intellectuals have a venue to publish their work thanks to the magazine JIS University Journal of Management Studies (JISJOMS). JISJOMS welcomed and exhorted all scholars, writers, and intellectuals to give it their all in their fields of endeavor and draw attention to themselves and their work around the world.


The main objective of JISJOMS is to publish the best original works of all scholars, academicians, intellectuals, and management thinkers.


A wide range of management research and issues, including global human resource trends and policies, corporate finance, international marketing, organizational behaviour, business strategy, global economic transformation, sustainable social development, and the impacts of digitalization on business, have a lot of room for publication.

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