About JIS University Journal of Law & Legal Research (JISUJLLR)

JISU JOURNAL OF LAW AND LEGAL RESEARCH is a peer-reviewed quarterly law review published with an intention to promote and contribute to the growth of legal research. It revolves around the issues pertaining to the wide sphere of Constitutional Law and in its wide array of areas covers all areas of law through its interactions. Legal research pertaining to laws often remains in the books of law and other ways. We seek to practically link and bring together legislative ideologies, research scholars and judicial officers to promote and make available to the public the importance of this area of law and its interaction in every way the Government functions and in every act and move of the State. The coverage of the journal includes all new theoretical and experimental findings in the field. The journal also encourages the submission of critical review articles covering advances in recent research. The JISU JOURNAL OF LAW AND LEGAL RESEARCH does not advocate or solicit Pay-for-Publication Techniques.

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