Why You Should Do a Microbiology Course?

Education plays a significant role in finding the best career options. Several courses are available for the students to select. In today‚Äôs world, bacteria and viruses are threatening human existence itself and most of us are still wondering how these microscopic organisms could possibly do that. Well, most of us just wonder and move on. But are you one of those who actually wish to explore the various microorganisms there are like bacteria, fungi, algae, etc, and know-how they actually impact the environment? Then you would be happy to hear that now you could actually make a career out of it! You could actually make a career in Microbiology. Both under-graduation and post-graduation are available for Microbiology courses and each has its eligibility criteria for admission to the course. Microbiology is a vast field that offers various diverse career opportunities to its students. When you enter the professional world after acquiring a degree in Microbiology a number of opportunities would be lined up for you.

JIS University is one of the best Microbiology colleges in kolkata, with all the essential features for the study. Students can approach the college online or directly to get noted with the admission procedure and fee structure. It is a reputed educational organization that can bring out the best talents in every student.

Know about Microbiology:

Microbiology is nothing but the study of microbes or microorganisms that are hard to be seen with the naked eyes. These microbes can cause diseases and other infections and play a significant role in altering human health.  

Microbiology is an essential study in the health care sector, and the branch of science helps understand microorganisms and their effects. The study also focuses on the cause, diagnosis and cure of diseases caused by microbes. 

The study has a better career option in the medical sector; hence students show interest in joining the course for better job options. Students who completed their higher secondary examination with the best percentage of marks can join B.Sc. in Microbiology under graduation from JIS University. 

Importance of Microbiology:

Microbes play a significant role in human health and the ecosystem. Not all microbes are harmful; some contribute a lot in various fields. The following is the list of sectors that are benefited from microbes, and microbiology deals with all these factors in various industries. 

  • Microbes help in the agriculture sector by helping in fixing plant nitrogen and are used as bio fertilizers to improve soil fertility.
  • Microbes play a significant role in Biotechnology and genetic engineering by providing a solution for pollution, food and energy shortages and in treating and controlling various diseases.
  • Microbes help produce certain compounds in industries that help in meeting the demand for medicines, food materials and chemical compounds related to growth hormones.
  • Microbes also help combat diseases by finding medicinal compounds, antibiotics and vaccines.
  • Microbes play a significant role in keeping the planet healthy by recycling the minerals like nitrogen and carbon to make the environment more oxygenated.
  • Microbes play a predominant role in the food processing industry, and their significance extends to food processing, fermentation, baking and producing livestock feed.

It is an apparent factor that microbes are beneficial in all industries. The study of microbes or Microbiology opens the gate for the best career option in the industries mentioned above. 

Higher education opportunity:

A student who completed their under-graduation can continue their post-graduation or M.Sc. in Microbiology at JIS University. Post-graduation is the advanced level of education, and it helps increase the knowledge of microbes, and later, it helps in better career options. 

The career prospectus available after completing MSc. Microbiology makes the individual as 

  • A research Scientist
  • Food Technologists
  • Microbiologist
  • Diagnostics Professional
  • Biosafety Professional
  • Quality Controller
  • Scientific Writers
  • Patent Lawyers
  • Science Education Professionals and so on

These career scopes are available for the students who complete their courses in a reputed institution. The career scope is available abroad with a high package of salary that makes the students select the course to continue their studies. Microbiology is one of the most significant courses in the health sector, and the study offers several benefits for learners and society.


JIS University offers several courses for the students, among which graduation in Microbiology offers the best career prospects for the candidates. Higher education helps individuals find various career options in India and abroad, making the students selects the course. Studying the microbes and their effects in various industries helps in understanding the contribution of microbes. Microbiology is essential for various reasons, and the study helps deal with the microbes and their features, especially in the health care industry.