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About the Department

Why do we study Business Management?

"Management is a multi-purpose organ that manages business and manages managers and manages workers and work."

---Peter Drucker.

Amongst the best MBA institutes in Kolkata, JIS University is offering the latest management programs on undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university aims to provide international level education to the students and make them industry-ready.

At JIS University, we offer highly-innovative and rigorous management programs designed to develop the professional capabilities of the future managers. The curriculum provides real-life practical experience to the aspirants and makes them work-ready in their selected specialization. School of Management Studies of JIS aims to educate the professionals who will work with integrity and are trained to contribute to different sectors of society. The students are equipped with the latest business knowledge so that they can understand the complexities of the global corporate sector.

Being among the best management institutes in Kolkata, we offer professional degree programs with the right mix of theory and practical exposure which the industry demands. The programs offered by the institute expose students to the industry, right from their first year which helps them to be job-ready.

Apart from the regular classroom sessions, we offer the management education through innovative pedagogy like case studies, research, internships, live projects from corporates and value-added programs including guest lectures by industry experts. We are one of the best MBA and BBA institutes in India that places strong emphasis on the application of management knowledge by organizing various events for the learners.

We are proud of our faculty members who are the real torch-bearers of our school and have strength to impart latest knowledge based education to the students. Our faculty members have adopted innovative teaching methodologies, providing in-depth knowledge of modern management to the students. We enable the aspirants to utilize the advanced concepts of management and prepare them for decision-making.


Department of Business Management

The Management courses in School of Management Studies are designed to train students who could be effective managers in the multi-national corporates, government organizations, non-profit sectors, and even can start their own entrepreneurial ventures. They developed the skills, understanding, and perspective to move among those sectors effectively. The management programs are designed to give students a more in-depth understanding of the business world, and prepare them for successful careers as leaders, managers, executives and innovators in their chosen field. With a degree(BBA/MBA) from this University, a student will have

  • Enhanced analytical skills.
  • Advanced skills and knowledge in core business fields
  • Awareness and sensitivity to ethical issues in business
  • An understanding of international and cross-cultural environments
  • The capacity to perform effectively in groups
  • Develop Leadership qualities
  • Foster Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Vision of the Department

To discover and deepen the understanding of management concepts and applications that drive effective organizations and use them to produce principled and insightful world class management leaders who create positive change in the business world.


Mission of the Department
  • M1 –To channelize the programmes underpinned by the Department’s leading research and informed by the employers’ needs in today’s competitive market
  • M2-.To provide consistent, best-in-class support, by managing, resolving, and preventing problems efficiently; communicating effectively; and exceeding students’ expectations.
  • M3 -To provide quality academic deliverables by an excellent blended learning environment using latest LMT.
  • M4–To placeethics, moral and integrity at the heart of our decision-making, and respecting the rights, differences and dignity of others while performing in a team and creating synergy.
  • M5–To foster regional, national and international relationships and collaborations to enhance the employability and social responsibility and creating an edge in the businesses, entrepreneurship, society and nation.


PEO-To prepare every student as a confident & successful Manager and Entreprenuer
  • PEO 1–To provide management students with a solid foundation in fundamentals of Management Science and Entrepreneurship which become the platform on which problem solving structures develop
  • PEO 2 – To prepare students for a logical and practical approach towards problem solving and function effectively as skilled managers who can respond to dynamic environment in a social and global context using vehicles such as problem-solving and case analysis, simulating real life situations.
  • PEO 3 – To imbibe in students, professional ethics and values and promote awareness among students towards issues of social responsibility of Business.
  • PEO 4– To inculcate in students the ability to gain multidisciplinary knowledge through live projects and operations workouts, so that they can remain competitive and functional in the market and grow leadership skills working for corporates and own entrepreneurship endeavours.
  • PEO 5-To develop self-learning ability in the students and also to encourage the research in management and inter-disciplinary area by inculcating the philosophy to continuously learn, update, experiment and avail opportunities so that they remain relevant and productive in whatever areas they pursue their careers.



Management Knowledge

To make management graduates conceptualize, critically analyze and acquire In-depth knowledge of business and management by imbibing in them the unique ability of synthesizing knowledge towards adding value in the areas of business and management.

Problem Analysis

To analyze real life problems of the business, society and individuals with the help of primary and secondary data and using proper statistical tools.

Conduct investigations of Complex Problems

To inculcate a spirit of enquiry, so that Management Graduates search for facts and truths by developing methodologies that supports critical analysis and decision making.

Design Development of Solution

To promote lateral thinking by way of enabling management graduates to see at the things from different perspectives there by making them to come out with simple solutions for complex managerial problems both with qualitative and quantitative studies.

Modern Tool Usage

An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern management tools of business statistics and Analytics necessary for management practices like SPSS, AMOS, R etc.

Management and Society

An understanding of professional, health, safety, legal, cultural and social responsibilities

Environment and Sustainability

The broad education necessary to understand the impact of management solutions in association with interdisciplinary studies in a global, economic, environmental and demonstrate the knowledge need for sustainable development


To inculcate a spirit of Ethics, Integrity and Social Commitment in the personal and professional life of management graduates so that they add value to the

Individual and Team Work

An ability to use the modern management tools, techniques, skills and principles to do work as a member of a team and also leader in a team, to
manage projects in multi-disciplinary, multi-linguistic and multi-cultural environments


An ability to communicate in vernacular, English and also in one foreign language and present in front of the business house and clients effectively

Project Management

To ignite the passion for Entrepreneurship in Management graduates by
orienting them in the application of Modern tools of management and make them learn to select and apply in complex decision making processes. Also to inculcate the concept of full life cycle project management in real life for the students.

Lifelong Learning

A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in, to resolve contemporary issues and acquire lifelong learning



Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

Duration: 3 Years

Eligibility: 10+2 from any stream with a minimum of 50%* marks. Under Graduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) qualified candidates can directly apply for GD/PI.

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility: Graduation from any stream of studies with minimum 50% marks.

Dual Specializations offered in MBA are:

Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Information Technology, Business Analytics, Media, Tourism, Retail, Pharmacy, Supply Chain Management, Opeartion Research.

PhD in Management

Duration: 3 Years (Minimum)

Eligibility: Masters Degree in Management or allied subjects with minimum 50% marks

Selection Procedure: Through JIS University online examination, specialization-wise written examination and interview.


Real life studies are an essential element of emerging management studies. In JIS we practice extensive business communication practical classes in our latest state of the art Language Laboratory. Beside this, from time to time different types of management workshops are done where various management games are being played and skills are being imparted to enhance the logical and analytical skills of the students. We also conduct case studies based classes to make the students aware of different management practices prevailing and different types of organizations.

Besides having access to eminent and experienced faculties, huge library, fully equipped computer laboratory and state of art class rooms, the students are also given thorough real life corporate experiences through corporate/ industry visits, summer internships and on-job training. Eminent professors and management personalities from different parts of India and abroad visit the University from time to time to enlighten the students with latest developments and updates in the management field and the techniques adopted in various fields of management.

Achievements & Activities

The Business Management department has already made a mark in the Indian Management Academic field. There are more than twenty five Doctoral Research students who are working efficiently and pursuing their research work in varied areas in this department. Beside this, both the faculty members and the students had attended different national and international seminars throughout India and abroad, read papers in many prestigious conferences and published more than 50 papers in different reviewed journals. The faculty members have many renowned books on their credit. The members of the JIS University have represented the University in Indian Management Conclave in IIM, won the best paper awards in International Seminars at SMS Varanasi, Vidyasagar University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, IIM Ahmedabad etc.

Renowned personalities have been a part of the institute as leaders and mentors. The Board of Studies comprises of distinguished industrialists, academicians and famous personalities. The hallmark of this Management School is, not to walk on the already beaten path, but to strike new unknown routes; not to benchmark, but to be benchmarked; to be second to none, but to be the first to respond to the needs of the students aspiring to become global managers.

Beside these, numbers of research works are being carried out by the faculty members of the department in varied interdisciplinary areas. They have also received various awards for their research works of national and international repute.

Guest Faculty

Eminent educationalist like Dr. Alok Sen, Dr K.B.L Srivastava (IIT, Kharagpur), Prof. Basab Chowdhury (VC, W.B. State University), Prof A. Mitra (J.U), Prof. Ranjan Ghosh ( Ex- Director, IIM Kolkata) are to name a few who have come to deliver lectures, interact and groom the management students of JIS University.

Special Training provided by the Department

  • Analytical Training
  • Research Methodology and Statistical Packages
  • Behavioral Training
  • Personality Grooming and Training
  • Soft Skills Trainings to face Interview
  • ERP training
  • On-Job Training
  • Change and Knowledge management
  • Time management and planning
  • Decision making training
  • Creativity and design thinking training

Employability Skill Development Program

JIS group has got an excellent placement department where they place thousands of students in different companies throughout India. Even then, the University encourages students who dream big to have their own organization in future and generate employability for the future generation. To explore the entrepreneurship skills within the University students, every year University organizes an innovative exhibition named SKILLX, whereas students from all fields of study make many new products/projects which are one of its kind. The students not only exhibit these products but also try to do marketing, advertising etc of the product so that the product becomes viable in the market and they also learn the management skills in real time interface. This has already triggered and motivated many young students to think and dream along the path of entrepreneurship.

Co-curricular Activities

Beside the regular academics, the students are also encouraged to take part in different co-curricular activities like sports, music, dancing, art, theatre etc.

The students are encouraged to do on job trainings and Internship from time to time within the course tenure which helps the students to gather a holistic knowledge about the subjects.

The Management course will have dual specialization in Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Information Technology, Business Analytics, Tourism, Media, Supply Chain Management, Operation Research and Pharmacy. The students opting for different specialization will have job opportunities like Employee Relations Manager, Employment Analyst, Human Resources Manager, Management Consultant, Financial Analyst, Accountant, CPA, Marketing Consultant, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Retail Analyst, Supply Chain Manager, Business Analyst, System Analyst etc. The students after pursuing PhD can apply for Faculty position in different Universities and Colleges.

The University has MoUs with various international management institutions of repute from where the faculty members upskill and train our students for an international job market. The student also get a chance to educate themselves by 'exchange studies' from this institute.

Extensive research work is being carried out by the PhD students of the School of Management Studies. The PhD students are also encouraged to present and publish scientific papers in national and international journals and conferences.

There are about 25 Ph.D students working in different areas like digital marketing, consumer behaviour, hospital management, rural management, green marketing, behavioural science, organizational structure and behaviour, different aspects of human resource management like recruitment, appraisal, retention, training, different aspects of operation research, supply chain mangement etc. Extensive research work is also being carried out in different areas of Financial management. Number of research papers authored by the research scholars of the department has been published in different renowned national and international journals. They also present papers and attend seminars, conferences and workshops in different parts of India.

Our Faculty Members

Prof. R.K. Dhar Dubey


Dr. Sulagna Das

Associate Professor

Dr. Surjyasikha Das

Assistant Professor

Dr. Suman Lahiri

Assistant Professor

Dr Akanksha Dubey

Assistant Professor

Mr. Tanmoy Majumder

Assistant Professor
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