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  • Prof. Rakesh Kumar Dhar Dubey
  • Dean (Management Studies)

School of Management Studies, JIS University, started in 2015 is one of the top Management institutions in Kolkata, and offers the most modern management education in the undergraduate, postgraduate and finest research in Ph.D. programs. We extend the global standard of scholastic pursuits to develop our future management professionals and serve the corporate house at international standards.

We run a challenging and highly innovative management program aimed at enhancing managerial and business leadership skills. We ensure to enable ample opportunities for the exploration of real-world corporate situations and gathering experience to prepare to shape up for the future requirements of economies. We ensure to build the best character of business professionals packed with high moral values to contribute to various facets of society for national development. In addition to the usual class sessions, we provide the best interactive pedagogy in management education through cutting-edge methodologies such as case studies, research, internships, real-world business initiatives, value-added programs, and expert talks from industry professionals.

Our management courses are specially designed to prepare students to become successful managers in multinational companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations, and even start their own enterprises with a deeper understanding of the process and to become innovators and business leaders in the areas of their choices. We facilitated the learners with super skilled and versatile mentors dealing with innovative instructions and modern methodologies, with in-depth knowledge to create corporate-ready management resources.

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