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A University essentially marks the ultimate or penultimate phase of a student’s academic life; however, students generally do not get to spend as considerable an amount of time in a University as much as they get in their schools. Be that as it may, the role of a University in shaping a student’s personality cannot be overlooked. In JIS we fully appreciate and stress upon this role of a University and to that end, JIS University has come up with a host of innovative and novel features that ensure that the all-round development of a student takes place in a holistic and commensurate manner.

1. SKILLX: JIS University organizes a unique exhibition event every year to further the cause of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development for the students. This is an exhibition of innovative projects undertaken by the students of undergraduate and post-graduate disciplines of JIS University. SkillX is JIS University's endeavour to equip young minds with innovative, enterprising & creative skills and ideas. It is the university’s own enterprise to combine hands-on training and skill development with theoretical academic pedagogy. In this Skill exposition the young and talented students showcase their innovation and creativity through models & ideas, displayed across the campus ranging from Aerodynamics to Robotic Arms, Artificial Intelligence to Knowledge Management, Industrial Biotechnology to Waste Management, Sewage treatment to Drug Design, to Solar Cell, Home automation to electronic circuit application, new product development to business ideas. External Experts are arranged to evaluate the students of various disciplines at the SKILLX event.

2. NSS: The National Service Scheme or the NSS is a scheme developed by the Government of India in order to encourage and nurture social and philanthropic skill amongst students by getting them actively involved in various facets of the society that warrant intervention form students. JIS University has two functional self-financed NSS Units that are run under the able guidance of its various faculty members who regularly organize programs of social and educational relevance and students actively and willingly participate in such ventures.

3. Legal Aid Cell: The Legal Aid Cell of JIS University is run and managed by the Department of Juridical Science which regularly organizes various seminars and talks on topics of legal and social interest. The Cell frequently organizes legal aid camps and awareness camps in the campus as well as outside the campus and in such camps public participation is actively solicited and ensured. This helps the students in getting a hands-on experience on the niceties of the working of the legal machinery in India.

4. Entrepreneurship Development Cell: This cell is run and managed by the Department of Management Studies. The main aim of this cell is to nurture and hone the skills of budding entrepreneurs among the students and to that end this cell works immensely by identifying such talent among the students and then providing them support in such means as may be necessary to ensure that the students are not held back by reason of lack of resources.

5. Start-up Cell and Innovation Club: These two initiatives are run by the University as a whole for the purpose of ensuring that students who intend to float a start-up of their own or enter into their own venture to receive support from the University. The Innovation Club of the University is a club wherein various innovations and innovative ideas from various students of the University are displayed and are open to public inspection and consultation.

6. Science Club: As the name suggests, the Science Club of the University is designed exclusively for scientific innovations and inventions by the students. The Club works in the premise of providing support to the students in their endeavour in science and by showcasing and popularizing their talents in science. A scientific invention form the students of any discipline is encouraged and upheld by this Club.

7. Industry-Institution Cell: As the name suggests this Cell has been designed to ensure that the Industry-Institution interface happens regularly and effectively in the University. It embodies one of the aims of the University that students studying here should get an over-all and all-round education that focuses not only on their theoretical skills, but on their practical knowledge as well.

8. Industrial Tours: Industrial tours are a regular affair at the JIS University to ensure that the students get first-hand knowledge of the practical application of the theory that they learn in their classrooms. This is an indispensable and important part of the overall University curricula and is applied across disciplines to all courses being offered at the institute.

9. Debates, quizzes and talks: Debates, quizzes, talks and seminars are again a regular and integral part of the University life and students are introduced to such practices from their very first year of study and to that end students are also encouraged to take part in such activities happening in other places as well. Such activities take place on a weekly, if not daily, basis in the University.

10. Drama and Photography Clubs: These two clubs have been set up in the University with the sole aim and purpose of honing and encouraging the photography and drama skills of the students. In other words the fine skills of the students are fine-tuned through the means of these clubs, the University actively encourages these skills in the students by organizing regular contests and exhibitions and shows of such drama and photography by the students.

11. Sports Club: The University also has an up and running sports club to encourage the students to take active part in sports and allied physical activities. This is so because the University firmly believes in the motto “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and the University regularly organizes sports for the students. A cricket competition between the faculties and the students is an annual affair at the University.

As mentioned above, a University goes a long way in developing and nurturing a student’s identity and outlook in life and in JIS we take this responsibility very seriously and thus, these are the efforts on our part, to responsibly and positively play a constructive role in the life of every student who comes to study at JIS.

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