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Vice Chancellor's Message

  • Professor Indranil Sen Gupta
  • Vice Chancellor, JIS University
“All knowledge is within us.” --- Swami Vivekananda.

At JIS University, we promote a “student-centric” approach to learning, whereby the students can happily gel themselves within the University ecosystem as if it is their second home, and can prepare themselves to face the challenges in their future career with a clear understanding of human values and ethics. We constantly strive to develop within students the quest to acquire knowledge. We feel that there is a distinct difference between “teaching” and “learning”, and it is the latter we focus on using the former as merely a tool. Enhancing and maintaining academic standards are our foremost priority, and we constantly try to improve it through various means like introducing industry-relevant courses and judicious use of flexibility in the curriculum, and emphasis on project-based learning. We provide our students facilities to pursue and nurture their extra-curricular passion through facilities like hobby clubs, coding clubs, participation in external events like hackathons, entrepreneurship, etc. to enable holistic growth in them. Also, we encourage them to participate in various co-curricular activities at both national and international levels.

The University offers a variety of programmes that are truly inter-disciplinary in nature in the areas of engineering, science, biotechnology, pharmacy, management, education, law, remote sensing, agriculture, etc. An Institute of Advance Studies and Research offers post-graduate programmes in areas relating to data science, health science, and interdisciplinary science. The University also has a vibrant PhD programme with a number of ongoing research and consultancy projects. There are well-equipped laboratories, a library with a rich collection of books and journals, a central computing facility, and a well-connected WiFi-enabled campus.

We make our best efforts to have dedicated and academically competent individuals as faculty members, who can handhold the students through their journey starting from the day they join the University. Faculty members are the backbone of any institute, and JIS University is no exception. There are a large number of non-teaching staff members who are silently working in the background, and are primarily responsible for the smooth running of the Institute. We are constantly thriving to improve ourselves, and see JIS University as one of the preferred destinations for the students in the years to come. Our students can provide the best advertisement for us to the outside world, and help us become one of the best Research Universities in India and also abroad.

JIS University would not have established without the contribution and vision of Late Sardar Jodh Singh. His vision, taken forward by his offsprings, has taken education to a new height that is amply visible from the success stories of various institutions under JIS Group Educational Conglomerate. Although JIS University is relatively new, with the active support of all stakeholders we aim to scale new heights and fulfil the dreams of our beloved founder.

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