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Vice Chancellor's Message

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Vice Chancellor's Message

  • Name :
    Prof. Dr. Bimal Chandra Mal
  • Designation :
    Vice Chancellor

In the traditional system of education, a student gathers information, memorizes them and gets the required grades to secure a job. There is very little incentive or encouragement for original thinking in the traditional education system. A good quality education system must provide the facilities for life building, humane character development and assimilation of ideas. This would equip the students to face the world.

At JIS University, we make continuous efforts to see that all-round development of the students takes place. Young-spirited, industry experienced and qualified faculty members not only teach the subjects as per the course curricula but also make sure to build a strong foundation for the students that will aid them to overcome life-hurdles in future. They play an important role in grooming the young people and molding their knowledge-hungry minds into matured and innovation-oriented adults. During their term in the University, the students participate in diverse academic and extra-curricular activities for the development of their personality, linguistic ability and above all, for knowledge enhancement of their subjects. Renowned guest speakers from different parts of the world are invited to impart specialized trainings. At JIS University all faculty members motivate and encourage the students to find out the hidden treasure of knowledge that lies latent within him.

We are developing state-of-the-art laboratory and library facilities to equip our students to face the challenges of the 21st century. Students taking admission in JIS University will find a very congenial environment for their studies and overall development.

I am happy to tell you that our Late Chairman and the Chancellor are visionaries of education sector and they established many a good educational institutions to spread quality education in this region. I am sure that with their unmatched support and unflinching cooperation from the faculty members, we will be able to impart quality education to the students.

I wish all the candidates aspiring to get admitted in JIS University a very vibrant future and a brilliant career.

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