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  • Prof. D. D. Patra
  • Director (Agricultural Science)

The agricultural sector is getting more complex due to staggering increase in population, globalization, urbanization, impact of climate change, expanding demand of food, sustaining food security and nutrition security. World population is expected to be enhanced to 6 billion by 2150 requiring another 50% increase in food production. As per FAO Report, Indian population is going to surpass China’s population in less than 10-year time. On the other hand, land area is tremendously decreasing due to rapid urbanization, industrialization and degradation of natural resources resulting in stagnation or declining in food productivity. There is a need to develop technologies to have more crops per unit area of land, unit amount of fertilizer, unit volume of water and unit of energy. Climate change is expected to decline decrease crop productivity, enhance infestation of crops with insect pests and diseases. Situation necessitates a renewed thrust for better quality higher agricultural education, research and extension. The need of the hour is to have human capital of highly qualified, motivated, devoted and well-trained agricultural graduates to meet the challenges.

In this context, JIS University is determined to produce high quality agricultural graduates and budding scientists, teachers, and entrepreneurs armed with best quality training by highly qualified teachers, supported with well-equipped laboratories, library, smart classrooms and sprawling teaching and research farm. I sincerely hope that the students will get top quality training, exposure and work on hand experience in the School of Agriculture under JIS University, one of the leading and very organized Teaching Hub in the country. Our mission includes fostering all-round development of students through multi-faceted education and sustained engagement with local, national and global communities, and nurture lifelong inspired learners from across the globe in line with our cultural idea of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

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